About Us
Photo of the entrance at Bentley Village
The Board of Trustees are selected based on their credentials and their demonstrated knowledge and familiarity with the educational, cultural, civic, public and other charitable needs existing in our community and in greater southwest Florida.
The Board of Trustees, who serve without compensation, carry out the work of the Foundation.

Wondering what our purpose is or how we raise funds?

We have a helpful Q & A booklet to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions from our residents and the community.

Wondering about the structure, goals and objectives of the Foundation?

The Bentley Village Foundation Board has completed a Strategic Planning process during 2021-2022. The Strategic Plan includes committee functions and goals that emerged from the Strategic Planning process.

2024 Board of Trustees

Wayne Antworth


William “Bill” Welbourn


William “Bill” Grafstrom


Chase "Chuck" Brooke


Bill Bretz


Diane Halas *

President Emeritus

Sharon “Sherry” Bailey

Cynthia Carlson

Paul Ciccarelli

Wendy Wiltse

Richard”Rich” Nortz

Sue Leonard

Joan Frey

* Founding Trustees

Past Trustees

Horace (Bud) Bernton*
Gene Blanchard
Jeannette Boucher*
Marcia Courtney
Ira R Dash
Frank Flood
Janys A. Foley
Walter Foley
Sue Goodwin
Ira Hawk
Murray Hendel
Brian Hitch
Susan Lake

Jack Landis
Tom Lynch
Barbara Mohajery
Ramona McNicholas
Diane McNulty*
Karin L. Moe
Frank A. Paniccia
Harlan Parrish
Tim Pellegrino
Lyman Phillips
Karen M. Rosenstein*
Pat Smart
Paul Theado
Sandra Turner
Scott Wollaston

Trustees are ably supported by talented volunteer committees.