2018 Organization

2018 Board

Back Row: Paul Ciccarelli, Jeannette Boucher, Brian Hitch, Pat Smart, Janys Foley, Jack Landis, Karin Moe, Ira Dash, Harlan Parrish
Front Row: Diane McNulty, Treasurer; Diane Halas, President; Gene Blanchard, Vice-President, Sue Goodwin

2018 Board of Trustees

President – Diane V. Halas*
Vice President – T. Eugene (Gene) Blanchard
Secretary – Susan A. Goodwin, PhD
Treasurer – Diane J. McNulty*

* Founding Trustees

Jeannette M. Boucher*
Paul F. Ciccarelli
Ira R. Dash, MD
Janys A. Foley, PhD
Patricia Smart

Brian T. Hitch
Jack Landis
Karin L. Moe
Harlan C. Parrish

Trustees Emeritus

Horace (Bud) W. Bernton, MD*
Ira G. Hawk
Murray H. Hendel

Karen M. Rosenstein*
Frank A. Paniccia

Committee Chairs

Board Development/Nominating – Jeannette M. Boucher
Development/Fund Raising – Paul Ciccarelli / Brian T. Hitch
Executive – Diane V. Halas
Finance – Diane J. McNulty
Scholarships – Janys A. Foley, PhD
Special Projects – Jeannette M. Boucher / Ira R. Dash, MD

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