Part of the Foundation’s mission is to enhance the cultural, intellectual, and emotional well-being of  our community through programs

Enhancing cultural, intellectual and emotional Well-being.

We stress music in many of our programs because of the positive changes it makes in everyone’s life – especially seniors. Music is powerful. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine calls music a total brain workout, reducing blood pressure, anxiety, and even pain. It improves sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory. We encourage participative music events such as sing-alongs. When people participate in the creation of music such as sing-alongs or playing an instrument, it increases all the benefits of music.

 Programs Include:

  • Music Therapy at the VI at Bentley Village Assisted Living and Care Centers greatly improves the mood and increases socialization with other residents and caregivers.
  • Mindfulness at Assisted Living and Independent Living – Mindfulness helps seniors cope with the stress and anxiety in their lives: illness of ourselves or loved ones, death of a spouse or a friend.
  • Belles & Beaus – the Vi at Bentley Village choral group performs for residents twice a year. The Foundation sponsors a choral director and music for the group.
  • Bentley Musicians – Residents of Vi at Bentley Village who perform at various times during the year.
  • Ukulele lessons for residents who perform at events such as the HUGS (Happy Ukulele Group of Naples) concert.
  • Forum support -The Forum provides speakers on intellectual and cultural value to Vi at Bentley Village residents.

  • Music programs for Independent Living and Assisted Living – The Foundation sponsored over 12 music programs throughout 2023, several of them including sing-alongs.
  • Volunteer Group Support – In 2023 we implemented our “Seniors Helping Seniors” Program where volunteers from Bentley Village assist in serving lunch to the members of the Baker Senior Center Naples. We are starting “Neighbors Visiting Neighbors” later in 2024 for trained residents to visit residents in the Care Center.
  • FGCU Academy support – We co-sponsor Florida Gulf Coast University educational programs with Lifestyle.”
Music Therapy in assisted living and the Bentley Care Center

The Foundation provides eight sessions per month are provided in each facility.  Ana Lopez, MA CMT, clinical director of The House of Music Therapy, oversees the services and provides certified therapists and advanced students doing practicums from FGCU.  Ana says, “Every music therapy session is different because the therapist responds uniquely to the person’s needs and creative direction”.  Often Music Therapy goals are non-musical but are used to address areas of disability more easily reached by music.  Music therapy sessions consist of live musical engagement through instrument and vocal performance, musical improvisation, moving to music, music composition and/or passive music listening.

Keri Galligher, discusses Music Therapy

Keri Galligher, Assisted Living Lifestyle Director, VI at Bentley Village, talks about how beneficial Music Therapy is to the residents, especially memory care residents. Music brings back memories, and if you get the right song you can get a smile on a person even on their worst day. Music therapists invoke not only memories but also fine motor skills because they use instruments, they’ll talk about people’s memories of the songs. It’s a chance to reminisce and a fun way of doing it.