We need your help!
Volunteer Help Wanted

Volunteers provide the lifeblood of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees and all committee chairs and committee members volunteer their time allowing the Foundation to put all of its resources toward community service.

Volunteering for the Foundation can be rewarding. You can meet new people, use your skills, and become more involved with the community.

You can contribute as much time as you wish. Do you enjoy social interaction or individual work? There are simple tasks such as collating materials or more complex tasks such as
maintaining a spreadsheet or helping with a website. 

In 2023 the Foundation formed a Volunteer Committee to help people who want to get involved. The committee streamlined our committees and listed ways you can help:

- Accounting, investing, stock brokerage, financial planning

- Computer (e.g., Microsoft Office)

- Decorating

- Education

- Event planning

- Healthy Aging

- Helping with events

- Recruiting

- Sales

- Working with people

- Writing, editing

We can use your help even if you don’t see something in the list.

Find out where you are needed!