We need your help!
Volunteer Help Wanted

Volunteers provide the lifeblood of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees and all committee chairs and committee members volunteer their time allowing the Foundation to put all of its resources toward community service.

Tom Lynch, President seeking volunteers to Step up to the Plate

Volunteering for the Foundation can be rewarding. You can meet new people,
use your skills, and become more involved with the community.

You can contribute as much time as you wish. Do you enjoy social interaction or individual work? There are simple tasks such as collating materials or more complex tasks such as
maintaining a spreadsheet or helping with a website.

Below is a small sample of some of the ways you can help including who to contact. 

Like to write? Design flyers? Edit? Promote events?

Join the Publicity and Public Relations (PR) Group.

You will have the opportunity to write promotional and informational articles and news releases, produce “The Foundation News”, and Sequent articles, website support, design event and program flyers, promotional materials and events, edit, do press releases, interface with website provider.

Contact: Tom Lynch  or Wayne Antworth. (For website work specifically, contact Pat Smart.)

Are you a good recruiter, teacher, trainer or have great people skills?

This may be for you. We are actively seeking assistance for the Board Development/Nominating Committee.

You will help to seek and secure candidates for potential board members and committee chairs. Recruit, recommend, and orient people to fill vacation positions and serve important functions. Provide ongoing board development. Contact: Tom Lynch

Educational or school administration background? Human resources? Mental health or human services? Strong interest in helping people reach their potential?

Think about our Scholarship Committee: Coordinate the Foundation’s scholarship program and assure that vehicles are in place for application, selection, and delivery of scholarships. Review, evaluate and rate applicants for scholarships.

Contact: Wendy Wiltse

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