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2020 Organization

2020 Board of Trustees

Due to COVID-19 no group meetings were held resulting in no group picture.

President – Brian T. Hitch
Vice President – Thomas J. Lynch
Secretary – Susan A. Goodwin, PhD
Treasurer – Diane J. McNulty*
President Emeritus – Diane V. Halas*

* Founding Trustees

T. Eugene (Gene) Blanchard
Jeannette M. Boucher*
Cynthia G. Carlson
Paul F. Ciccarelli
Marcia M. Courtney

Ramona McNicholas
Patricia Smart
Paul L. Theado
Sandra Turner
Scott E. Wollaston

Past Trustees

Horace (Bud) W. Bernton, MD*
Ira R. Dash, MD
Janys A. Foley, PhD
Walter A. Foley
Murray H. Hendel

Jack Landis
Karin L. Moe
Frank A. Paniccia
Harlan Parrish
Karen M. Rosenstein*

Trustees are ably supported by talented volunteer committees.

Committee Chairs

Development/Fund Raising – Paul Ciccarelli / Brian T. Hitch
Executive – Brian T. Hitch
Finance – Diane J. McNulty
Music Programs – Jeannette M. Boucher
Board Development/Nominating – Scott E. Wollaston
Scholarships – Ramona McNicholas

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