Bentley Village Thrift Shop
Bentley Village Thrift Shop
Thrift Shop

The Bentley Village Thrift Shop features items donated by residents and our wonderful team of volunteers clean and sort everything to make them easily available for purchase.

Proceeds from the thrift shop sales fund activities of over 23 organizations, clubs and other activities in and around the community.

Donate your unwanted items at Bentley Village Thrift Shop!

Donated items qualify as Federal tax deduction for donors who itemize.

Residents may drop donated goods at the Thrift Shop in a special holding area where a donation form is available. Donations are sorted, cleaned, priced, displayed and sold by volunteers. Proceeds from sales fund the activities of over 23 organizations, clubs and other activities in and around the community.

Special Sales are promoted monthly by flyers posted on each building’s bulletin boards.

Thrift Shop Map Location

Bentley Village
2315 Leisure Lane
Naples, FL 34110 (Get Directions)

*Currently closed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Open to residents and the general public every Friday from 9am – 2pm.

Thrift Shop History

Beth Higbee, who moved into Bentley Village over 30 years ago, was a pioneer in the development of today’s highly successful Thrift Shop. “One Saturday morning over 25 years ago at our weekly resident coffee klatch we talked about existing needs in Bentley, such as a large television for the clubhouse auditorium.” recalls Beth. “I suggested we sell residents’ unclaimed lost-and-found items to raise money to buy the TV. That first rummage sale raised $7,500, enabling us to buy a $6,000 TV set and install it in the auditorium. The rummage sales became so popular that soon I was coordinating 4 sales each year to help support our community needs, and the White Elephant Store opened shortly thereafter. Later it was renamed the Thrift Store and then the Thrift Shop.”

Beth retired from Thrift Shop activities in 2014 after she and a bevy of faithful volunteers had raised nearly $2,000,000 over the years to fund resident initiatives. We are very grateful to Beth for leading the way to turn an idea into a thriving enterprise that continues to contribute to enriching the lives of Bentley Village Residents.

On December 27, 2017, the Bentley Village Thrift Shop moved under the umbrella of the Bentley Village Foundation, bringing its dedicated volunteers and a 25`year history of successful operations. The Thrift Shop is managed by a skilled and dedicated leadership team and staffed by a cadre of faithful volunteers. Although only open on Fridays, the Thrift Shop attracts shoppers from within Bentley Village and also savvy bargain hunters from elsewhere in the community.

Sponsored Programs and Activities

The Thrift Shop finances all of its own operation. Earnings go to support a wide variety of resident activities and programs that increase the quality and quality of healthy living activities available to residents. Examples of 2020 activities/programs that were funded from the Thrift Shop proceeds include:

  • Art Group
  • Assisted Living Lifestyle (10 programs i.e. Lectures, Music, Art & Craft)
  • Care Center Lifestyle 4 programs – Special Music Programs)
  • Belles & Beaus
  • Bocce
  • Book Club, Women
  • Book Club, Men
  • Employee Citizenship
  • Award
  • Croquet
  • Fit-It Shop
  • Forum Committee
  • Ladies Golf (BLGA)
  • Mens Golf (BMGA)
  • Knitting
  • Library
  • Literacy
  • Model Trains
  • Ping-Pong
  • Plant House
Elderly Group in Park
Friends of Bentley Village
FOBV is a Resident Council Committee which routinely accepts and reviews requests from a variety of clubs, committees and activities throughout Bentley Village for funding from Thrift Shop proceeds. Final approval of the recommended funding allocations lies with the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.