Upcoming:   1/31/23 Sing-A-Long with Doug Williams – Seaside Lounge – 4:30 – 6 pm

                      2/9/23    Singles Get Together – Seaside Lounge – 4:30 pm

                      2/15/23  Baron Duo (Classic violin and piano duo) – Palmetto Room – 7 pm

                      3/24/23 Paradise Coastman – Palmetto Room – 7 pm

                      4/21/23 The Empire Trio – Palmetto Room – 7 pm

Serenade in Blue – 1/18/19 Pictures Posted
published on January 3, 2019

benefitting the Wings Scholarship Fund for Bentley employees and their dependents

Featuring The World Famous
Nick Hilscher, Director

January 18th, 2019

Welcome – Karin Moe
Wings Scholarship Program – Janys Foley

Enjoy complimentary Desserts, Coffee, Tea or Irish Coffee

CASH Bar at Seaside Lounge Bar

Chance Drawing Winners announced at Intermission by Harlan Parrish

Chance Drawing prizes donated by:

Angie Nichols
Artis of Naples
Building 6
Chris Curle
Fine Mark National Bank
Hilton Hotel in Naples

Ira Dash
Karin Moe
Lilianne Rivera
Marilyn Lightner
Shula’s Restaurant
Theater Zone

Our sincere gratitude to our 2019 Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor
Service Master DSI

Platinum Sponsors

Ira Dash

Karin Moe

Gold Sponsors

Fine Mark National Bank & Trust

Walter and Janys Foley


William and Gail Cordier
David and Marcia Courtney
Joan Geoghegan

Harry and Mary Injaian
Nina Webber


Jeannette Boucher
Sue Goodwin

Susan Ryan
Pat and Bill Smart

Bentley Village Wings Scholarship Recipients

Sherley Abela
Douglas W. Bailey
Anastasia Barnett
Melvin Cerna
Niola Cesar
Lucita Cheriza
Geralda Cineus
Steven Elsaid
Dianicar Estiverne
Rikenson Fabe
David J. Ferguson
Gabriela Fernandez
Cheyenne E. Garrell
Hannah Geer
Norma Gomez
Kelly Haines
Federlin Jean
Stephanie Jean

Kade Kaba
Venessa Laguerre
Silvia Lopez
Angel Lopez
Lucero Maldonado
Bianca J. Marc
Didier Martinez-Perez
Brenda Mata
Tashana Natalia Minnis
Sonia Moore
Lindsey Pierre
Carolina Pierre-Louis
Myra Rivera
Miriam Romero
Dillon Rose
Yoline Sagresse
Natasha Tache Fabe
Charlene Tanelus